Real estate redevelopment. Effective property use. Urban planning.
WACT's vocation is to give shape to the potentiality that a place holds with the effect of original ideas and creativity.

  • Place

    Land, buildings, and the city itself.
    By examining the potential they possess from diverse angles, we extract their unique essence of strength and appeal that lead to its most effective utilization.

  • Opportunity

    Depending on who you partner with, a simple addition turns into multiplication. We bring together the best combination of real estate and content (tenants) by connecting the viewpoint of both sides that results in an enthusiastic synergy effect.

  • Time

    The key is to generate value that is both competitive and intriguing for the target, not only in the now but also one step ahead in time. We propose ideas with a twist that create a mechanism that triggers the curiosity of people to visit and encourages the revitalization of the community and city.